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Body Contouring Using Your Own Fat

One of the body contouring procedures Dr. Sliwin specializes in is body fat injections, or fat grafting. In this procedure, fat from the patient’s body, known as “autologous” fat, is removed and then injected into a different part of her body.

This fat is used to sculpt and contour according to the patient’s aesthetic goals and preferences. This process is used most often to help enhance the buttocks as part of the Brazilian butt lift, but it is also effective when repairing post-traumatic deformities.

For more information please view our patient education video that shows the procedure (non graphically) and answers common questions, please click here.

Fat Harvesting Technique

In order to participate in any fat injection procedure, each patient must have a detailed consultation with Dr. Sliwin so he can determine who is a good candidate and who isn’t. If the patient’s overall health is good, a suitable donor site (the area where the fat is harvested from) is located and the process begins.

Liposuction is the technique used to harvest the fat , and once it is suctioned out it is cleaned before it is injected back into the body. Prior to injection Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that is made from your blood, is added to the fat to improve the survival. Autologous fat injections are an increasingly popular way to add volume to various parts of the body, because there are fewer issues and no chance you will reject your own fat once it is injected.

Slimming and Sculpting at the Same Time

Since liposuction is the preferred method of removing the fat for injection, combination treatments are sometimes used to slim and sculpt at the same time. Stubborn fat deposits are removed from one area to trim down, and then the fat is injected into another site to add volume and sculpt.


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