Why has there been such a Rise in Young Female Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise across North America and the western world, especially with women between the ages of 35 and 40.

Increase In Cosmetic Surgery

Over the past 5 years, rates have risen a total of 25% and left many experts wondering why. The growing social acceptance of cosmetic procedures as well as technological improvements have created a ripple effect that’s growing within the predominant selfie culture to create increased pressure and familiarity with plastic surgery. The more women who go under the knife and come out happier for it, the more their friends and family will consider indulging themselves with a few treatments to make them feel younger and more attractive.

As the ripples continue to spread, the rate of cosmetic treatments is sure to continue to rise.

There are several reasons for this rise over the last few years:

  1. Selfies:
  2. Photos are a great way to track progress. From capturing a growing belly during pregnancy to increasing muscles while adhering to a gym routine, selfies are helping us see our bodies in a new light. The ‘selfie’ culture is creating a desire for a healthier and more positive self-image, and young women are getting help obtaining this by bringing out the natural beauty of their skin with chemical peels and other similar procedures.

  3. Improved understanding of procedures:
  4. With much more information available online about cosmetic procedures, what they can achieve, and the risks associated with them, patients are better informed than ever before.

    As patients learn about their options and the ease with which they can alter certain aspects of their appearance that they find problematic, rates are only going to continue to rise.

  5. Technological advances:
  6. Medical and technological advances have played a large role in increasing the popularity of cosmetic procedures by providing less-invasive techniques that not only have shorter recovery times, but also better and more natural looking results.

Common Procedures among Young Women
The most common cosmetic procedures among these women is fillers or injectables like hyaluronic acid which, combined with Botox, can be used to create a fresh, youthful face without the need for surgery.

Procedures like this increase a woman’s familiarity and comfort with cosmetic procedures and help to encourage them to try more involved procedures as they continue to age. Other common procedures include:

Short-Scar Facelift
A newer and much less invasive procedure, this treatment involves pulling the skin upwards and back over the bones of the face while repositioned fat pads that may have drooped or dropped over time. With a short recovery time of only about 10 weeks, it is a great alternative to classic facelifts, especially for women who are not yet showing enough signs of aging to make the traditional procedure worthwhile.

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