Can My Rhinoplasty Results be Predicted?

Every day patients get amazing results from rhinoplasty surgery. Your doctor is your best guide in knowing how to prepare before, during, and after your surgery in order to achieve the enhancements your looking for and speed up the recovery process.

Rhinoplasty Results

Most patients enter the process with a clear idea of what type of results they’re after, but can you predict the results of your rhinoplasty?

There are ways to get an idea of the look you might achieve, however predicting your results isn’t as simple as you might expect.

Understanding the Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a procedure commonly used to reconstruct the aesthetics and function of the nose. It is used in cases of trauma, breathing difficulties, developmental defects, or to correct a previous rhinoplasty procedure.

Many people turn to rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons. Reshaping the nose can have a dramatic effect on symmetry and balance of facial features.

There are a number of ways to perform the procedure. For example, an open rhinoplasty involves a small incision to the end of the nose’s septum (columella). A closed rhinoplasty is performed by creating an incision within the nose, without cutting the columella.

Technological advancements have allowed for the use of imaging with computers to provide patients with visualization of the results they should expect. Many doctors use this as an essential part of their consultations.

Computer imaging lets the doctor and patient communicate more clearly on the type of result desired.

The Use of Imaging

Many patients enjoy using computer imaging in a consultation to help create the future result with their doctors. They are able to determine what type of changes to make and to what degree.

Imaging works especially well with profile views. Patients can see how subtle changes will affect their entire look and which ones might be the best.

But computer imaging isn’t always enough. It’s simply not possible to accurately predict the final results of your rhinoplasty in full detail.

Using Photos

A better method of predicting the results of our rhinoplasty is through the use of photos. Unaltered pictures of previous patients from before and after their procedure is the best way to gauge the results you can achieve.

A doctor who has a portfolio of photographs showcasing previous patients will be more likely to give you what you’re looking for. Try to see examples of people who had a similar nose as yours so you have a good idea of what rhinoplasty can accomplish for you.

Altering a computer is very easy, but it can give patients the illusion that what they see is exactly what will result from their procedure. Factors such as breathing, related tissues, and pre-existing issues can affect the results you achieve.

Viewing photographs of actual patients is the best way to predict the results of your rhinoplasty. Computer images are useful in the consultation phase, but they can have their limitations.

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