What’s Causing The Growing Trend Of Labiaplasty Surgery Among Younger Women?

Many women have insecurities about their appearance,whether that be their hair, nose, thighs or, now, their genitalia. A lot of women resort to plastic surgery so they can feel more confident.

Why Young Women Are Getting Labiaplasty Surgery

From 2014 to 2015 there has been an 80-percent increase in teenage girls requesting labiaplasty surgery, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. While not all requests are purely for cosmetic reasons, there is still a growing interest in this surgery.

A reason for wanting labiaplasty surgery might be to relieve any discomfort and pain caused by playing sports. Some girls find when they play sports or do any kind of exercise they can cause chafing against their own skin or the clothes they are wearing. In these cases, surgery is done to prevent chaffing as well as the risk of infection. Other reasons for wanting labiaplasty surgery include cosmetic reasons.

Even though there are many variations in the size and colour of female genitalia – meaning there isn’t a “normal” appearance – some teenagers still have insecurities about how their genitalia looks. According to the New York Times, some doctors believe the rise in requests for this procedure is in part because more and more young women are shaving their pubic hair and exposing their genitalia. This makes the differences among genitalia more prominent and noticeable. They also believe it is because the young women aren’t getting enough, or the right amount of, education on the topic. Therefore, they might not realize how many variants of genitalia there are and that one isn’t superior to another.

Another reason for the rise in labiaplasty interest may be that online pornography has become more easily accessible. When people search for photos of genitalia, the photos they are seeing are often photoshopped and retouched. This means they aren’t seeing the true photos and are instead viewing an unrealistic version of what other genital looks like – this can create a false impression and cause self-consciousness.

Whatever the reason may be for the rise in labiaplasty in young women, there is still a procedure to follow to make sure there aren’t any other underlying causes such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in which a person fixates on a certain part of their body they dislike until it becomes unhealthy. Surgery can be helpful for some and can alter the appearance of the labia, however doctors are now screening patients to make sure labiaplasty surgery is the right fit and they are also making sure all other avenues have been considered.

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