How Do Fat Injections Work For My Eyes?

One of the most common cosmetic complaints of men and women in North America is the under eye area—specifically dark and sunken under eyes. There are a number of topical creams and ointments that promise to eliminate this problem, but most are less than effective and have very short-lived results.

Fat Injections

If you’re looking to permanently reduce dark and hollow under-eyes, you may be interested in considering a new type of fat injections called Nanofat. Yes, we know, most people are looking to get rid of fat, not inject more into themselves, but selective Nanofat injections and sculpting can actually have an extremely rejuvenating effect.

Let us explain:

What exactly is a Nanofat injection?

A Nanofat injection is exactly what it sounds like. Fat is taken from one area of the body, put through a specialized emulsifying device to destroy the large mature fat cells then the emulsified fluid is filtered and injected into another area. The procedure itself consists of three steps.

  1. A small amount of fat is drawn from an area where the patient has an excess, for instance the thighs, buttocks or jowls

  2. The fat is isolated and cleansed then put through an emulsifier and then filtered

  3. The Nanofat is injected or transferred into the targeted area

When a fat transfer procedure is done on its own rather than as part of a series of procedures, it is typically done using only local anesthesia versus general anesthesia that would put you to sleep. Some physicians might even offer you an oral sedative in the event that your nerves get the better of you. That said, an oral sedative is rarely necessary. Usually, you can get a fat transfer done on an outpatient basis, which will allow you to go home the day of the procedure rather than to be admitted for overnight observation and recovery.

You need to steer clear of blood thinners a couple of weeks prior to any fat transfer. Fortunately, you won’t need to take an allergy test prior to the procedure. The reason for this is that there’s no risk of your suffering an adverse allergic reaction due to the fact that your body won’t have issues with fat cells that come from your body.

What are fat injections used for?

Fat injections are an extremely versatile procedure and can be used for a number of cosmetic purposes. Some of the most popular include: filling in deep creases and wrinkles, lip plumping, and facial sculpting.

What are Nanofat injections used for?

Nanofat is unique in that there are only individual immature cells that are safe to inject by a fine needle into the layer directly below the skin of the undereye or fine lines around the lips.

Fat Injections Benefits

How can Nanofat injections improve the appearance of my eye area?

The ideal candidate for under eye Nanofat injections is unhappy with the darkness or how hollow or sunken their eyes appear. Regular fat cannot be injected directly under the skin to correct dark hollow circles. Nanofat is the only material that can be safely injected directly under the skin. The Nanofat injection acts as filler, giving the eyes a much smoother and less sunken appearance as well as hiding the muscle under the skin which is the cause of the dark circles. Most people who undergo Nanofat injections in their under eye areas look much younger and well-rested.

Meanwhile, if you are elderly, exercise excessively or smoke cigarettes, then it’s possible that the extra volume offered by the Nanofat injections won’t last as long as they otherwise would. This is not to say that fat injection procedures cannot work for the aforementioned demographics. You simply might have to go in for multiple fat injections over a period of several months.

What’s the difference between fat injections and other fillers?

Although the effects of fat injections and fillers like collagen or hyaluronic acid are similar, there is one key difference: Fat injections are autologous, meaning that they don’t introduce any foreign bodies into your system.

This is especially advantageous for anyone with allergies, sensitivities to other treatments, or who’s simply concerned about the risks of chemical-based procedures.

Another advantage is that fat injections also last a lot longer than alternative dermal fillers. Whereas treatments like collagen or hyaluronic acid tend to last for about 6 months maximum, fat injections are grafts and a large portion of the graft is permanent.

Fat injections can also be used in conjunction with other dermal fillers for optimum effect!

Are follow up fat injections necessary?

While one session might be all that is needed for years, you can opt for follow-up procedures in the event that you want to enhance the target area. The reason for this is that some of the injected fat will be absorbed by your body, and this could warrant follow-up procedures. This is normal. When you do the follow-up fat injections, you’ll benefit from the fact that the surgeon already knows the location for each fat injection. This will allow him or her to fix any imperfections or to work on new contours as per your request.

Is the procedure invasive?

One of the benefits of the procedure is that it provides a less invasive option for you to accomplish facial rejuvenation. Fat injection procedures are safe and effective. Please contact our team of professionals if you have any questions or are interested in a consultation.

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