Do Facial Implants Look Natural on Men?

Many men and women inquire about facial implants on a daily basis. These implants can greatly enhance a person’s appearance when they’re done with precision by a skilled surgeon. The implants can go in different areas of the face to help create shape and a more structured, chiseled appearance. While it may be more common for women to get such implants, men are also great candidates for facial implants.

Men Facial Implants

Cheek, jaw and chin implants are the three major implants that people get when they consider facial implants. It depends on how you would like your face to be reconstructed or rejuvenated. Your surgeon will help you with these decisions. After giving you a thorough examination and hearing what it is you would like to achieve, they will be able to determine what facial implants will work best for achieving your desired look.

Facial Implants for Men

It is a huge misconception that men won’t look right with facial implants. Implants can be cut to any shape or size, making it so they look natural on any face shape. They are customized for your specific facial frame, so whether you’re looking to enhance your chin, create a stronger jaw line, or correct an imbalance in symmetry, you’re able to achieve your desired look.

Professional surgeons are aware of all the mistakes that could be made while administering facial implants in a man’s face. For example, men have less prominent cheekbones than women, so if a male is interested in undergoing cheek implant surgery, the surgeon will assess the rest of their features to ensure that the implants won’t throw off the balance of the face. Otherwise, the man getting the implants may end up with cheekbones to prominent for their liking and may appear more feminine.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Facial implants are best considered by those with weak jaw line, minimal fullness in the face or cheeks, or asymmetrical facial features. The implants are designed to restore the contour to your face, making you appear more proportioned, chiseled and even youthful. As long as you hire a surgeon with plenty of experience in facial implants and their varied surgeries, they should be capable of getting the results you are yearning for.

Many patients that come in for facial implants combine the surgery with other facial procedures. By communicating to your surgeon what you want, they will be able to suggest which surgeries would best help you achieve the right results.

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