Can You Fix Torn Earlobes?

Torn earlobes are a surprisingly common injury. While most people think of earrings as something benign or harmless, wearing too heavy of earrings can stretch out and even completely tear the pierced area of your ears, leaving them looking unsightly and unprofessional.

Fixing Torn Earlobes

Loose earrings can also be caught on clothing or various other fabrics, causing an extremely painful tear in your ear. Gauges designed to stretch out your ears creating sometimes gigantic loops that may seem like a good idea in your rebellious youth, could become regrettable as your style changes and evolves over the years.
What Can Be Done?

Luckily, Dr. Sammy Sliwin’s has two types of procedures that can repair torn earlobes with relative ease.

They are both simple procedures conducted under local anesthetic. In the traditional procedure, an incision is made and the skin from the torn areas is removed. The area is then sutured back together and the skin allowed to heal to repair the damage. The ear can then be re-pierced 6 weeks later not in the original scar. Dr. Sliwin also does a unique procedure to repair the hole. Part of the scar is made into a flap that is then used to reconstruct the earring hole at the top of the previous stretched or torn hole.

Post-procedure Expectation

Recovery for this procedure is relatively quick and pain free. You will apply an antibiotic ointment to the area daily. Immediately after the procedure it is advised that you avoid heavy exercise, use of a hair dryer, swimming pool or sauna, or anything that may cause trauma to the repaired area. We also recommend sleeping with multiple soft pillows to help relieve pressure on the area at night.
Initially after the procedure, you can expect to have a small, straight scar where the sutures were placed, but this will fade in the months following the operation and will become almost unnoticeable in most patients.

Keeping Your Ears Intact

While Dr. Sliwin will happily be able to repair your torn earlobes, the best course of action is to avoid them altogether! Be cautious while putting on shirts or wrapping yourself in a blanket while wearing loose earrings, as they may easily catch and tear your earlobes. Avoid wearing heavy earrings as they are the leading cause to stretching and tearing earlobes. If you have a favourite pair that you must wear, be sure to take them out and give your ears a break after a day.

Finally, think carefully before choosing to stretch your earlobes with ear gauges. While you may appreciate the aesthetic now, no surgical procedure is without risk and it is best to err on the side of doubt before altering your body.

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