What Is The Best Age For A Rhinoplasty?

The rhinoplasty, also known as the nose job, or nose surgery, is the most commonly-performed cosmetic plastic surgery for North American teens. However, it is essential that teens wait until their nose has reached its adult size before undergoing a rhinoplasty.

What conditions do rhinoplasties correct?

Experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Sliwin are able to give you the nose you should have been born with. Features which can be improved by a rhinoplasty include:

  • Asymmetrical noses
  • Noses which are too large or too wide
  • Noses which have a bump or hump on the bridge
  • Nostrils which are too large or too small
  • Noses with an unattractive tip: drooping, bulbous, or upturned

Rhinoplasties can also correct medical conditions such as enlarging the breathing passages.

Having a nose which does not fit your face can cause embarrassment, and lead to teens feeling ashamed and lacking confidence. However, it is vitally important that the parent or guardian of the teen waits until the nose has reached its adult size before having a rhinoplasty.

What is the best age for a rhinoplasty?

Dr. Sliwin has performed hundreds of successful rhinoplasties. He knows that although every case is unique, most teen boys’ noses reach their adult size at age 16, and most teen girls’ noses reach their adult size at age 15.

But rhinoplasties are also often performed for adults, sometimes in combination with a face lift. The aging process can cause the tip of the nose to droop, for example, which can be corrected with surgery. There is no upper age limit for a rhinoplasty.

If you are considering a rhinoplasty, Dr. Sliwin will explain what techniques are possible, and what results you can expect to meet your own aesthetic goals. Dr. Sliwin will help you identify what you want, and will let you know all your possible options, before you make your decision.

The rhinoplasty procedure

The techniques Dr. Sliwin will use for your rhinoplasty depends on the desired results. If your nostrils are too wide, for instance, Dr. Sliwin will remove small wedges of skin at the base of your nostrils. This reduces their width.

More complex procedures include altering bone or cartilage. If your nasal frame needs to be reshaped, cartilage from the septum is usually used.

Dr. Sliwin uses internal tubes and splints to support your new nasal structure, while your soft tissue grows in shape. There will be some initial bruising and swelling, though this will subside over a few weeks.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery, your new nasal contours may take up to a year to fully develop, though you will see satisfactory results as soon as the swelling has gone down.

Rhinoplasties are very successful procedures, and Dr. Sliwin ensures that most scars are internal. You will not even have to stay at the clinic overnight. Follow-up visits will be necessary so Dr. Sliwin can monitor your progress.

The result of a rhinoplasty is permanent, though of course your skin will be affected by the normal aging process.

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