Can You Exercise After Having Breast Implants?

Having breast implants is a safe, effective way to give yourself a fuller figure, enhance your femininity, and improve your self-esteem. Women choose to have breast implants for a variety of personal reasons. Some women are dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts; some women’s breasts have lost fullness and volume after pregnancy; and many women choose to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Breast augmentation—or breast implant—surgery is very effective, but you must give your body time to recover before beginning to exercise. Dr. Sliwin will carefully explain what you can expect during the first post-surgery days, and will advise you on when you can begin different levels of exercise.

You will not need to stay overnight after having breast augmentation surgery at Dr. Sliwin’s clinic. However, you will need to make follow-up visits so Dr. Sliwin can assess your recovery.

The first two weeks after surgery

You should not attempt to exercise for the first two weeks after surgery, because you must give your body time to heal. Dr. Sliwin recommends that you wear a sports bra, to keep your breasts lifted. This will also limit movement which could be painful.

You must not strain your pectoral muscles. Straining these muscles could lead to thick scar tissue forming round the implant. In some cases, this thick scar tissue can distort the implant. However, if the pectoral muscles are not strained, the natural scar tissue which forms will be invisible and undetectable.

Dr. Sliwin will advise you what activities are best for you, but as a general rule you should not lift anything heavier than a bag of sugar, and do not lift your arms above shoulder height.

Do not attempt any activities other than light activities. For example, do not push doors open, or pull wet washing out of the machine, as this will place strain on your muscles.

You can do shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls for the first two weeks. They will help prevent stiffness, and will help you heal. Dr. Sliwin also recommends that you try to maintain a good posture.

Two weeks after surgery

You can begin doing light exercises two weeks after breast implant surgery. Doing light exercise like walking will help you recover. Do not attempt any exercises which involve the chest and back, such as push-ups.

Four weeks after surgery

Lower body exercises can be attempted four weeks after surgery, but you must not do any exercises which require weights. You must also ensure you don’t do any exercises with a bouncing motion, such as jogging. Dr. Sliwin will review your progress during your follow-up visit.

Six weeks after surgery

You should be able to start gentle arm and chest exercises after six weeks (if Dr. Sliwin advises that it’s safe). Once your pectoral muscles are fully healed you can do aerobic exercise, and even start weights, providing you take it easy.

Following a sensible recovery program will ensure you get the best results from your breast implant surgery.

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