How To Know If You Are A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck

Many people, especially women, struggle with excess skin and fat around the abdomen. As we age, or due to the effects of carrying children, our abdominal skin loses its elasticity. When diet and exercise can only do so much, you may undergo a tummy tuck procedure to rid your abdominal area of that stubborn fat that just won’t go away. What is a tummy tuck? Also known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that is done to firm the abdomen through the removal of excess skin and fat. The underlying abdominal muscles are tightened as well to create a firmer, more pleasing stomach area. Am I a good candidate for an abdominoplasty? To know if you’re a good candidate for a tummy tuck, there are five very important things to consider. You are in overall good health: Before having any cosmetic surgical procedure done, it’s imperative that you are in good health. The procedure itself is low-risk, however, any underlying health issue could hinder your recovery process. Furthermore, you will be sedated during the surgery with general anesthesia and you’ll need normal heart and lung function while you’re under sedation. During your initial consultation with your surgeon, you’ll need to disclose any medication you’re taking.…

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Tips For Easing Back Into Exercise After A Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck you will probably want to get back to your old exercise habits. Unfortunately, you can’t hit the gym right away. Before you get out those sneakers, try our tips to help you ease back into exercise after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. Take your time: The important thing to keep in mind is that you just had surgery. Take your time and ease into exercising. Don’t do anything without your Doctor’s permission. Use the buddy system: In the days following your tummy tuck, you shouldn’t attempt to walk on your own. Work out with a friend or spouse to ensure that if something happens, you’re not alone. Stay away from your abs: Until you have fully healed around six weeks, avoid abdominal exercises like crunches because they can damage the repaired stomach muscles and skin closure. Once you are completely healed you can begin doing stomach crunches and other abdominal strengthening exercises. If it hurts, stop: Do not overexert yourself after you’ve undergone surgery. You’ll be able to get back to your normal workout routine in time, but if you push yourself too early, you’re putting yourself at risk. When you exercise, your heart rate and blood pressure increase and can cause bleeding at the site…

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Seven Best Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery Tips

If you’re about to undergo a tummy tuck procedure you probably have some idea of what the recovery process will be like. Before you have your procedure, read our seven tips for recovery. Print them and keep them by your bed because they’ll come in handy as you rest up following your tummy tuck. Get some sleep In the days following your surgery, you probably won’t have much energy anyways, but one of the most important post-tummy tuck tips is to take it easy. If you can devote 24 to 48 hours at home without interruption, do it. Try to get as much sleep as possible in the days that follow your tummy tuck surgery. If you have young children, arrange for a friend or relative to look after them for a night or two so that you can rest comfortably. Wear your compression garment If your doctor told you to wear a compression garment in the days following your tummy tuck, make sure you do. These garments apply the exact amount of pressure needed to the surgical area, improve the draining of toxic fluids, help the skin conform to its new contours and stimulate the healing process. Don’t take anything that wasn’t prescribed by your doctor Unfortunately, pain plays…

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10 Recovery Tips For After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Surgery isn’t the hardest part when it comes to getting a tummy tuck – the recovery is. During the surgery you are under anesthesia and feel no pain, but you are awake for the recovery and there are a couple of things you can do to help ease the process. Here are 10 tips for your speedy recovery: Proper diet before and after You will have to watch what you eat after surgery. The tummy tuck isn’t permanent and can be reversed with bad eating habits. Before the surgery, eat normally and don’t try to lose any weight because this could add extra strain on your body. You will have to watch what you are eating and stop taking any supplements or medications that thin your blood until your wounds have healed. Avoid infections There is always going to be a risk of infection, but there are things you can do to help lessen the risk. Some doctors request patients bathe in a chlorhexidine solution before surgery to lower the risk of infection. According to a European study, manuka honey can help with fighting infections as well. You can use manuka honey wound dressings instead of normal ones to help fight infections and quicken the healing process. It is also…

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Is A Tummy Tuck an Option For Long-Term Weight Loss?

For those who struggle to lose weight and keep it off, there’s good news: a tummy tuck can provide far more than just an aesthetic solution. It can actually lead to long-term weight loss. What is a Tummy Tuck? Even if you eat well and exercise, loose skin and excess flab in the abdominal area can be stubborn. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat, creating a flat, contoured abdomen and tightening your abdominal muscles. An abdominoplasty can last between 1-5 hours depending on the area of the surgery. During the procedure, your doctor will contour the skin, tissue, and muscles in your abdomen, as well as removing any excess skin and fat, and tightening the abdominal wall. A patient will usually lose about five pounds of tissue during a tummy tuck. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and usually requires a night’s stay in the hospital. Though recovery time can last several weeks, patients are usually thrilled with the results of their abdominoplasty. How Does a Tummy Tuck Encourage Weight Loss? Many people experience significant weight loss following a tummy tuck. Since the abdominal wall is tightened, patients usually feel fuller faster following the procedure. While there may not be a great deal of actual…

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