Laser Tight Liposuction Versus Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction used to be the only choice when it came to choosing a fat-reducing procedure. Now there are so many choices, it can be overwhelming. In this blog we’ll look at two common types of liposuction, Laser Tight, and Traditional, and see how they stack up. Laser Tight Liposuction Laser tight liposuction is a relatively new procedure, which involves: Tiny incisions made at the problem sites. Probes connected to a a-980 nm diode laser inserted through incisions. The lasers essentially melt and vaporize fat cells, resulting in fat loss. New collagen is produced, increasing skin’s tone and texture. The laser cause the collagen to contract, resulting in the tightening of skin. Laser liposuction has many benefits, and may even be able to replace a tummy tuck. It is safe, and since the incisions are so small, it is minimally invasive. Since it eliminates fat cells, it has the results of traditional liposuction combined with the tightening and toning of a tummy tuck. A common worry when it comes to traditional liposuction is sagging skin around the liposuction site. Many women are disappointed with their liposuction results because of this. Since laser liposuction sculpts and tightens the skin, while dramatically reducing fat cells, there’s no need to worry about saggy…

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