When Can I Tan After My Facelift?

We all love the sun. However, dermatologists today are pretty vocal about the sun’s harmful effects on human skin: at the very least, the sun’s rays speed up the skin’s aging process, and at worst, the sun’s UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. In a 2013 study published in the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic And Investigational Dermatology, researchers determined that the sun is responsible for 80.3 per cent of skin ageing. Overexposure to sun is often one of the reasons why many people seek face lift surgery. And although today’s face lift techniques are more advanced than ever and will make you look years younger, a face lift is a surgery, and it does entail a post-surgery healing process that usually takes about 6 months. Still, doctors also agree that there are benefits to sun exposure. The sun increases our levels of serotonin (the happy hormone responsible for better sleep, energy and attitude), and provides us with plenty of natural vitamin D. Sometimes called the miracle vitamin, D strengthens the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory and – ironically – anti-cancer effects. So if you do want to get a vitamin D boost after your surgery, keep the following in mind: For at least 3 weeks after surgery, avoid the…

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