4 Benefits Of The Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Over time, our brows begin to sag, leaving our faces looking sallow and giving us a tired appearance. There are now numerous techniques to help lift a sagging brow and one of the leading options available is the endoscopic forehead lift. The endoscopic forehead lift involves using small incisions within the scalp to tunnel beneath the forehead and release the brows upward. It’s a popular option for a broad range of patient types. In this post, we’ll review why so many patients are now choosing the endoscopic forehead lift. Quick Recovery Compared with other forehead lift procedures, the endoscopic forehead lift offers patients a faster overall recovery timeframe. For example, compared with the option of a facelift surgery, patients can significantly reduce their required downtime. The standard recovery time for the brow lift is as little as two weeks. In addition, because the incisions within the skin are smaller than with other similar surgeries, the skin will heal faster. This ensures that patients immediately see and experience the lasting benefits of the endoscopic forehead lift. Results can be Enhanced While other types of procedure are limited in terms of the additions that surgeons can make over time, the endoscopic forehead lift provides a range of flexible enhancement options. For example,…

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What Is An Endoscopic Forehead Lift?

A drooping brow line, or deep “worry” lines in the forehead can age your face, obstruct vision, or even give you a permanent look of anger or sternness. Until recently, the only procedure to correct this was a traditional forehead lift, or browplasty. There are several types of forehead lift, which include: A Direct Browlift: This removes portions of skin and muscle directly above the browline. It lifts the brows only without addressing wrinkles in the forehead. Incisions are hidden in the brow hair. A Mid-forehead Lift: This addresses deeper forehead wrinkles, and a heavy, drooping brow line. A mid-forehead lift removes fat, skin, and occasionally muscle. Incisions are made in the wrinkles themselves, and the procedure smooths the forehead and elevates the brow. A Coronal Forehead Lift: This procedure elevates the entire forehead and brow. Unlike the other two procedures, a coronal forehead lift doesn’t require any facial incisions. An incision is made ear-to-ear across the top of the head, and hidden in the scalp. Patients may also choose to use facial fillers such as BOTOX® to achieve temporary enhancements. An Endoscopic forehead lift is a newer technique with many benefits. Unlike the procedures listed above, this type of lift uses a series of small incisions rather than one…

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