Attaining A Picture Perfect Nose

There are many reasons why men and women today may consider a rhinoplasty treatment. All across the world, increased pressure to look youthful and attractive is mounting thanks in part to a selfie culture that’s making it hard for many to separate their self-worth from the images they see of themselves across their social media accounts. A greater awareness of treatment options and a higher level of social acceptance towards plastic surgery are also helping to drive this trend. Rhinoplasty is among one of the most popular procedures and accounts for almost 10% of the 25% rise in cosmetic procedures over the last couple of years. A particularly popular treatment among younger patients, people are often see rhinoplasty as one of the few ways in which a young adult or teenager can significantly alter their appearance in order to achieve modern standards of beauty. The Benefits of Rhinoplasty Improved Facial Symmetry The size and shape of a patient’s nose can have a significant impact on the overall balance of their facial features, and many cosmetic surgeons recommend rhinoplasty to correct a variety of perceived problems including undefined chins, large foreheads, and other issues with facial balance. While most patients desire a reduction in size, removal of dorsal humps and changes…

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What Is The Best Age For A Rhinoplasty?

The rhinoplasty, also known as the nose job, or nose surgery, is the most commonly-performed cosmetic plastic surgery for North American teens. However, it is essential that teens wait until their nose has reached its adult size before undergoing a rhinoplasty. What conditions do rhinoplasties correct? Experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Sliwin are able to give you the nose you should have been born with. Features which can be improved by a rhinoplasty include: Asymmetrical noses Noses which are too large or too wide Noses which have a bump or hump on the bridge Nostrils which are too large or too small Noses with an unattractive tip: drooping, bulbous, or upturned Rhinoplasties can also correct medical conditions such as enlarging the breathing passages. Having a nose which does not fit your face can cause embarrassment, and lead to teens feeling ashamed and lacking confidence. However, it is vitally important that the parent or guardian of the teen waits until the nose has reached its adult size before having a rhinoplasty. What is the best age for a rhinoplasty? Dr. Sliwin has performed hundreds of successful rhinoplasties. He knows that although every case is unique, most teen boys’ noses reach their adult size at age 16, and most teen girls’ noses…

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