How Soon Can I Ride A Bike After Buttocks Augmentation?

Recovering from any surgery involves plenty of rest and treating the surgical site with the utmost care. It means listening to your surgeon’s advice and recommendations regarding postoperative treatment and precautions and making sure that you are not placing the area under any undue stress by engaging in physical activities sooner than your body is able to handle them. This holds especially true after buttocks augmentation surgery. Considering how much of the time you spend sitting, standing, bending over, getting in and out of vehicles, on public transport, moving around while sleeping, your buttocks are a focal point for stress and force during every 24-hour cycle. You will need to tailor your physical activity immediately following the surgery, especially anything involving sitting or force to the area. While it is generally safe to sit, using extreme caution, after buttocks augmentation surgery, it is recommended that you do not sit for too long a period of time. Remaining seated for too long increases the risk that the implants will shift and that the fat injections will not set properly. It is generally recommended to avoid sitting at all for at least a week after the surgery, except when using the washroom. At work Most patients are able to return to their…

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How Soon Can You Sit After A Buttock Augmentation?

Recovery from any type of surgical procedure requires plenty of rest and relaxation, which typically involves lying on your back in a sea of cushions or reclining in a comfy chair with your feet propped up. But with buttock augmentation surgery, applying pressure on your buttock for a prolonged amount of time is not recommended for a comfortable and successful recovery. Many surgeons recommend that you don’t sit on the Brazilian Butt lift injected area for 2 weeks following surgery to avoid exerting undue pressure on the delicate fat cells, which could cause them to degenerate and shrink. But sitting in some cases is unavoidable, and fortunately, there are ways for you to sit without exerting direct pressure on your augmented buttock. How to Sit after a Brazilian Butt Lift While at home, it is safe to sit carefully after the procedure, though you must not sit on your thighs and not lean back onto the areas where the fat was placed. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of your buttock implants shifting, preventing the fat injections from ‘sticking’ in the right manner. So, it is best to avoid sitting altogether for at least the first week following surgery, except when you need to use the bathroom, in which case you…

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How Soon Can I Sit After A Buttock Augmentation?

For many people who are dissatisfied with their rear end, a buttock augmentation is a worthwhile procedure. A buttock augmentation can give the shape and size you desire. However, your hips are such a major joint in the body, and your buttocks are so integral to many of your daily actions, that the healing process is a sensitive one. After undergoing buttock augmentation, how soon afterward can you sit down? And what exactly does the surgery entail? We examine these questions in this blog post: Buttock Augmentation: What is it? Buttock augmentation, or gluteal augmentation surgery as it is technically known (or a Brazilian butt lift as it is sometimes referred to when performed with a fat transfer) involves using implants or fat grafting, or sometimes a combination of both, to increase the size of your buttocks. Many people who feel that their buttocks are too small find this surgery useful to give their body the shape they desire which can help boost their confidence. Using Implants in the Augmentation Surgery A buttock augmentation with implants uses implants inserted into the buttocks to add size and shape to them. The recovery from this operation will require you to wear a support garment for about two or three weeks afterward. The…

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Butt Lift

A butt lift is a procedure for someone who would like to augment their buttocks to make it firmer and tighter. Perhaps you haven’t gotten the results you’d like from exercise or time has simply aged you as it inevitably will. If either of those are the case, a butt lift may be a simple and effective option for you. Dr. Sammy Sliwin offers two types of butt lift procedures: The first is the traditional but lift where a small incision is made and the skin is pulled tighter around the buttocks to clear up any loose skin, sagging, or wrinkles. The second is the Brazilian Butt Lift in which fat from other parts of your body is removed via liposuction and injected into the buttocks giving it a tighter, shapelier appearance. While both types of butt lift are well established and effective procedures, getting the best results possible is not your doctor’s responsibility alone; patients have to do what they can to ensure their recovery and results go as expected. Here are three tips to follow in order to get the maximum results from your butt lift procedure. Exercise Exercise can be key to taking that firm, tight buttocks you desire to the next level. Walking is the first…

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Recovery After Buttock Augmentation: What to Expect

One would be hard pressed to find an area of the body that cannot be altered or enhanced by cosmetic surgery, which is great news for people who want to look their best quickly and effortlessly. That being said, it is no surprise that many women often turn to the aid of local plastic surgeons as means of enhancing the volume of their butts. Those not blessed with big booties can get the figure they desire by way of a procedure called buttocks augmentation. Are you prepared for your new butt? As the name suggests, this operation specifically targets the butt, and is arguably one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase size and mold that highly sought after, rounded shape. Referred to in the medical community as gluteal augmentation surgery, the procedure employs various techniques as a means of increasing the size of a patient’s buttocks. This can include skin grafting and the use of synthetic implants, which is similar to breast augmentation. The results are a fuller, rounder behind; but most patients also notice a marked increase in their balance and posture as well. Since butt augmentations are an invasive procedure, there are a couple of post-recovery items to address. It will take a few weeks…

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