What Type Of Clothing Is Recommended To Wear During The Heal...

When healing from an arm lift procedure there are certain dressings, garments and clothing that you should be wearing. Since the area that was operated on will be sensitive in the weeks following your procedure, it’s important to care for it properly and only wear what your doctor suggests. When you meet with your surgeon prior to your procedure, they will give you a list of post-operative care instructions. Following these instructions will help your body heal without complications. What are wound dressings and why do I need to care for them? After any surgery where an incision is made, bandages or wound dressings are used to cover the area. This is done to keep infections at bay and ensure that your wounds do not dry out. Furthermore, this helps with the healing process. You will need to wear bandages or wound dressings for the first few days following your arm lift procedure Your doctor will change them at your first follow up appointment. Your surgeon will explain this to you prior to your arm lift so you know exactly what to do to keep your dressing clean and how to change them. What are compression garments? Immediately following your arm lift surgery, the area will be wrapped with a…

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