Recovery After Buttock Augmentation: What to Expect

One would be hard pressed to find an area of the body that cannot be altered or enhanced by cosmetic surgery, which is great news for people who want to look their best quickly and effortlessly.

Buttock Augmentation

That being said, it is no surprise that many women often turn to the aid of local plastic surgeons as means of enhancing the volume of their butts. Those not blessed with big booties can get the figure they desire by way of a procedure called buttocks augmentation.

Are you prepared for your new butt?

As the name suggests, this operation specifically targets the butt, and is arguably one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase size and mold that highly sought after, rounded shape.

Referred to in the medical community as gluteal augmentation surgery, the procedure employs various techniques as a means of increasing the size of a patient’s buttocks.

This can include skin grafting and the use of synthetic implants, which is similar to breast augmentation. The results are a fuller, rounder behind; but most patients also notice a marked increase in their balance and posture as well.

Since butt augmentations are an invasive procedure, there are a couple of post-recovery items to address. It will take a few weeks for your body to fully heal, but you can facilitate this process by performing a few helpful after-operation tips.

What you should do after your surgery:

  • Reduce the swelling
  • There is no getting around the fact that your butt will be swollen after the procedure. Since no plastic surgery patient wants to feel uncomfortable and sore, most doctors recommend applying ice or a cold compress to the region multiple times throughout the day.

    A great tip is to alternate between applying and removing the compress (IE leaving it off for 40 minutes after 20 minutes worth of application). Just remember not to apply the ice directly to your skin; always use a cloth or paper towel to protect the area.

  • Implant augmentation
  • If implants were used in your augmentation procedure, expect to have to wear some type of support garment for a few weeks afterwards. It may take up to three months to see permanent results.

  • Fat grafting
  • This is a common method for butt augmentation, and due to the sensitive nature of the skin afterwards, you will be advised not to sit for extended periods of time for at least two weeks. When sleeping, do your best to lie on your side or stomach. Your doctor may advise that you schedule routine lymphatic massages with a massage therapist as well, as a means of facilitating recovery.

Be patient during your recovery; give your body adequate time to heal before performing any extensive lower body exercises. If you have any specific concerns during the consultation, ask the Dr. Sammy Sliwin’s helpful team!

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