Things To Know Before Your Arm Lift Surgery

What happens when you look in the mirror and all you notice are sagging arms? For many people sagging arm skin keeps them from enjoying life. They do not feel comfortable wearing T-shirts let alone tank tops on hot days. They shy away from activities that would expose their arms like swimming or being intimate with a partner and worst of all, their self-esteem is in shambles. An arm lift, scientifically known as brachioplasty, can correct saggy arms and restore your confidence. What causes our arms to sag? Weight loss and age are the most common reasons that our arms sag. Women are more prone to saggy arms than men, although it is not abnormal for men to undergo an arm lift procedure. What happens during the arm lift procedure? There are two types of arm lift procedures that you can have done. Upper arm lift: This procedure is done to remove excess skin that droops from the upper arm area. First your surgeon will make an incision along your arm. The placement of this incision varies from patient to patient depending on how much skin is being removed and where exactly it is being removed from. Usually, the incision extends from armpit to elbow and will be curved or…

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Best Sleeping Positions After Laser Tight Liposuction

Laser tight liposuction is a process in which a laser is used to heat the layer directly underneath the outer layer of the skin to stimulate collagen remodeling and tightening of the skin. Traditional liposuction makes use of cannulas (thin tubes inserted into the body to drain fat cells). Laser tight liposuction still uses the cannulas to remove the fat that has been damaged by the laser and to sculpt the areas deep to where the laser is used. Laser tight liposuction allows for the collagen in our skin to contract which eliminates saggy skin in the future. This procedure is especially effective for people who are in good health but are unable to achieve a firm physique through diet and exercise alone. The Precise Procedure Because laser tight liposuction is so precise it can be performed on sensitive areas like the neck, chin, upper arms, armpits, , inner thighs and abdomen. The concentrated laser used in the procedure is able to directly target the dermal layer of collagen to shrink and later remodel.. An added bonus of laser tight liposuction is that unlike a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck, this treatment is only minimally invasive. Moreover, laser tight liposuction only affects the targeted tissues and won’t harm…

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