Tips For Easing Back Into Exercise After A Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck you will probably want to get back to your old exercise habits. Unfortunately, you can’t hit the gym right away. Before you get out those sneakers, try our tips to help you ease back into exercise after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. Take your time: The important thing to keep in mind is that you just had surgery. Take your time and ease into exercising. Don’t do anything without your Doctor’s permission. Use the buddy system: In the days following your tummy tuck, you shouldn’t attempt to walk on your own. Work out with a friend or spouse to ensure that if something happens, you’re not alone. Stay away from your abs: Until you have fully healed around six weeks, avoid abdominal exercises like crunches because they can damage the repaired stomach muscles and skin closure. Once you are completely healed you can begin doing stomach crunches and other abdominal strengthening exercises. If it hurts, stop: Do not overexert yourself after you’ve undergone surgery. You’ll be able to get back to your normal workout routine in time, but if you push yourself too early, you’re putting yourself at risk. When you exercise, your heart rate and blood pressure increase and can cause bleeding at the site…

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What Not To Wear After A Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation procedure your doctor will explain what is needed for aftercare. It is important that you follow his/her advice and don’t do anything strenuous. Your body needs time to heal and the less you interfere with its natural healing process, the better. Do not take any pain medications that weren’t prescribed by your doctor and take a few weeks off work to recover. One of the most important parts of post-surgery aftercare is clothing. After a breast augmentation there are certain garments you shouldn’t wear and some you should. What Not To Wear When it comes to healing, your new breasts will need time to adjust; however, you should avoid bras with underwires or push-ups. Underwire bras do provide ample support but the underwire itself can cause you a great deal of discomfort because it can rub the incisions. Push-up bras, on the other hand, can displace your breast tissue, leading your implants to move and place excessive force on your incisions. What To Wear You should wear a bra while you are recovering from your augmentation surgery. The weight of your new implants requires adequate support to allow the breast tissue to get stronger. You will need to wear a bra all the time in the…

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Seven Cosmetic Procedures That Make You Look Younger

Not all surgeries are created equal. Although most cosmetic procedures are done to give you the look you want, not all will make you look younger. For instance, a breast augmentation, although it will give you firmer, fuller breasts, is not designed to erase fine lines and wrinkles on your face. If you’re looking for a cosmetic procedure that will make you look younger, try one of the following: Tummy Tuck If you’ve had children or even if you haven’t, your tummy is hard to maintain as you age. Layers of fat can develop around your midsection and no matter how much you exercise and eat healthy, it can be hard to get rid of your gut as you get older. Luckily, a tummy tuck procedure can make you look younger around your middle. This surgery will restore your tummy and give back the gorgeous contours you once had. Face Lift Face lifts are perfect for getting rid of loose hanging skin, jowls and the creases that develop at the base of the nose and mouth. This procedure also corrects the loss of chin and neck contours and helps restore muscle tone. Face lifts can be done in conjunction with brow and neck lifts, upper and lower eyelid procedures and…

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Five Benefits Of A Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is an augmentation procedure designed to create a more youthful, eye-catching backside. A Brazilian butt lift has numerous benefits making it a very popular surgery. If you’re considering having this procedure done, here are five important advantages of the Brazilian butt lift: Fixes Concerns Sometimes exercise and diet alone are not enough to give you the buttocks that you want. For many people, working out and eating right can do the job of creating a gorgeous, perky backside. However, those of us who require a little extra help can turn to the Brazilian butt lift to fix concerns like a flat, sagging, disproportionate or asymmetrical backside. Moreover, if you’ve recently undergone a massive weight loss and noticed that your buttocks has taken on an unsightly shape, a Brazilian butt lift can correct this problem. Creates Better Contours A Brazilian butt lift creates better contours for your body. For example, after this procedure you will have an hourglass figure. Because the butt lift also creates a more shapely back and waist in addition to a more pleasing buttocks, you’ll be more proportionate. Safe During a Brazilian butt lift, your doctor removes fat from other areas of your body. Because your own fat is being used, your body…

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