How Do Fat Injections Work For My Eyes?

One of the most common cosmetic complaints of men and women in North America is the under eye area—specifically dark and sunken under eyes. There are a number of topical creams and ointments that promise to eliminate this problem, but most are less than effective and have very short-lived results. If you’re looking to permanently reduce dark and hollow under-eyes, you may be interested in considering a new type of fat injections called Nanofat. Yes, we know, most people are looking to get rid of fat, not inject more into themselves, but selective Nanofat injections and sculpting can actually have an extremely rejuvenating effect. Let us explain: What exactly is a Nanofat injection? A Nanofat injection is exactly what it sounds like. Fat is taken from one area of the body, put through a specialized emulsifying device to destroy the large mature fat cells then the emulsified fluid is filtered and injected into another area. The procedure itself consists of three steps. A small amount of fat is drawn from an area where the patient has an excess, for instance the thighs, buttocks or jowls The fat is isolated and cleansed then put through an emulsifier and then filtered The Nanofat is injected or transferred into the targeted area When…

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How To Manage Your Kids While Recovering From A Mommy Makeov...

If you’re a mom, you know a thing or two about putting other people’s needs before your own. While such a focus is commendable, you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself as well. After all, doesn’t the caregiver of your children deserve to be healthy and happy? One way you can take care of yourself is by getting your body in shape. That said, exercise and weight lifting might not be enough for you to craft the body you’ve always wanted. In the event that you need to pursue options like a tummy tuck, a facelift or some other type of cosmetic surgery, you’ll have to deal with downtime. Some people heal more quickly than others do, but everyone who gets a mommy makeover will require considerable downtime to recuperate. That means that you’ll need help to fulfill your mommy duties. Read on for some tips on how to manage your kids while recovering from a mommy makeover. Nitty-Gritty A mommy makeover is a term used to describe multiple procedures used to rectify unwanted body changes stemming from breastfeeding and pregnancy. If you opt for a tummy tuck, otherwise called abdominoplasty, you can count on being unable to complete your mommy duties on your own for the first…

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When Can I Start Using Eye Drops After An Eyelid Surgery?

After getting blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, it’s important to keep your eyes moist for comfort and for health reasons. On the one hand, moist eyes will help you to avoid dryness and tightness. On the other hand, moist eyes will help you to steer clear of potential corneal damage resulting from inadequate lubrication. Undergoing the procedure, which involves surgically repairing or reconstructing your eyelids, can help to address droopy eyelids or other conditions that you might be comfortable with. Fortunately, eyelid surgery is a safe way to get the eyelids that you’ve always wanted. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some post-surgery considerations. If you’re wondering when you can start using eye drops after an eyelid surgery, the answer is that you can use it anytime post-surgery. Read on to learn more. Dry Eyes Post-Surgery If you do get dry eyes after eyelid surgery, you don’t need to worry needlessly since this condition is not uncommon. In order to treat the problem, you can use artificial tears as required post-surgery. You should also use an eye lubricant prior to retiring to bed for the night. The reason it should be used at night is that any eye lubricant or ointment will cause blurry vision until it completely dissolves, which…

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