4 Benefits Of The Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Over time, our brows begin to sag, leaving our faces looking sallow and giving us a tired appearance. There are now numerous techniques to help lift a sagging brow and one of the leading options available is the endoscopic forehead lift. The endoscopic forehead lift involves using small incisions within the scalp to tunnel beneath the forehead and release the brows upward. It’s a popular option for a broad range of patient types. In this post, we’ll review why so many patients are now choosing the endoscopic forehead lift. Quick Recovery Compared with other forehead lift procedures, the endoscopic forehead lift offers patients a faster overall recovery timeframe. For example, compared with the option of a facelift surgery, patients can significantly reduce their required downtime. The standard recovery time for the brow lift is as little as two weeks. In addition, because the incisions within the skin are smaller than with other similar surgeries, the skin will heal faster. This ensures that patients immediately see and experience the lasting benefits of the endoscopic forehead lift. Results can be Enhanced While other types of procedure are limited in terms of the additions that surgeons can make over time, the endoscopic forehead lift provides a range of flexible enhancement options. For example,…

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How Long Should I Stay Away From The Sun After A Chemical Pe...

A chemical peel treatment is one of the leading techniques for improving the appearance of skin on the feet, face, and hand. The process involves applying a chemical solution to the skin, which then causes the skin to exfoliate and then peel away. The new regenerated skin underneath is then far smoother and less wrinkled. However, it’s also more sensitive. And so, many chemical peel patients have the question “How long should I stay away from the sun after my procedure?” In this article, we’ll answer this question as well as guide chemical peel patients in their recovery process. The Dangers of Sun Damage Sun damage can have a significant impact in the weeks immediately after a chemical peel treatment. For example, early sun exposure may lead to hyperpigmentation, which causes patches of the skin to become darker, eliminating the benefits of the chemical peel treatment. Prolonged exposure to the sun after a chemical peel treatment may also cause swelling and redness over time. It’s therefore recommended that patients speak directly with their specialist before they spend time in the sun after their treatment. Considerations After Chemical Peel Treatment In addition to sun damage, there are numerous other considerations to make when planning the optimal recovery from a chemical peel…

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Can Breast Reconstruction Be Done After A Mastectomy?

Breast reconstruction surgery can be a great surgical option for women who have had treatment as a result of cancer. Women who have had their breasts removed through a mastectomy can now rebuild the shape of their breasts through the reconstruction process. Due to the complexities involved in this process, many women have a number of questions before they begin their breast reconstruction and within this post, we’ll help answer those questions through our expert team. What are the Factors to Consider for a Breast Reconstruction Surgery? One of the most import elements involved in having breast reconstruction surgery is making that final choice alongside a specialist. The following are factors that the patient and their specialist may consider when reviewing the benefits of breast reconstruction. Cancer Treatment The ability to undergo breast reconstruction work may be impacted by the cancer treatment directly. The specialist will analyze whether the patient’s body is strong enough to safely undergo the procedure. They will also analyze whether potential future treatment is required before moving forward with the reconstruction. Personal Requirements A person’s self-body image is a critical factor in determining their need for a breast reconstruction. Many women suffer significant mental health issues as a result of their mastectomy and these health issues…

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What Is Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction has quickly become one of the most popular means of removing fat from the body. But the process does have a few disadvantages. One of the most challenging is the issue of sagging skin, which can leave the person with skin hanging off their body in areas where fat has been eliminated. Now, a new procedure has been introduced to help resolve this issue. In this latest article, we’ll take a look at laser liposuction (lipolysis) and its treatment advantages. How the Laser Lipolysis Process Works Laser lipolysis involves using heat from fiber optic lasers at a range of wavelengths to melt away fat from the body. A leading benefit of the process, in comparison with liposuction, is that it can be used to enhance the production of collagen, thereby firming the skin during the procedure. The latest research shows that patients who have undertaken the procedure have not reported any major side-effects, and have benefited from significant bulk fat loss. The Core Benefits of Laser Lipolysis Before deciding whether to undertake laser lipolysis or liposuction, it’s important to understand that the two treatments can be completed as part of a full fat loss process. Laser lipolysis can help patients achieve maximum results from their liposuction treatment. Further benefits…

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