What Are The Benefits Of A Thigh Lift After Weight Loss?

The unfortunate thing about weight loss that ads never tell you, is that it’s much less likely for skin to shrink than to stretch. In most cases, skin will never fully tighten up to match your new body, leading to loose and unsightly folds. This sucks, because losing weight is an extremely impressive accomplishment, and it would be nice if all that effort led to the perfect body. That’s left to the magic of thigh lifts though. Benefits of thigh lifts include: Skin Tightening The basic benefit of thigh lifts is the removal of excess skin, causing the skin to tighten against the muscle layer for super-hot thighs and butt. This returns the skin to pre-weight-gain tightness and makes it seems as if this was always how your bottom looked. Contouring In addition to tightening the skin, thigh lifts also offer a chance to recontour the shape of the thighs and butt. With the right cuts and contours, a surgeon can enhance the skin to hold existing fat in a more attractive way: tightening the legs and butt, pushing fat from the thighs upwards, and enhancing the sexy inner thigh curve. Removal of Residual Fat Deposits Full liposuction is no substitute for a lifestyle change, but a thigh lift is…

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Three Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Breast Augmentation

Today, surgeons are more skilled than ever when it comes to breast augmentations. While in the past, breast augmentations may have been associated with comically oversized breasts, today surgeons can give you exactly what you want, whether it’s to go up a cup size or two, or just a subtle lift. A breast augmentation can significantly increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few steps to take in order to get as much as you can out of your breast augmentation! Research! Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, and you should be well-versed in its every detail before going under the knife. Things to research include: How to prepare for the process. What happens during surgery. What results can be expected. What the recovery time is. Researching the process can help you prepare questions for your consultation. Find the Right Surgeon Once you’ve researched the process, it’s time to research surgeons. Obviously, it’s important that your surgeon be certified by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, but there are other considerations as well: References: Word of mouth is a great way to ensure a surgeon is skilled and experienced. If you have family or friends who have had breast augmentations, ask them who their surgeon was and…

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Three Subtle Cosmetic Enhancement Possibilities

We’ve all heard of, or witnessed, cosmetic surgery “gone wrong”. The truth is, these stories are very rare and in the hands of an experience and professional cosmetic surgeon, you can expect the results you want. What about those who are reluctant to try cosmetic enhancement, yet have a small physical imperfection they wish they could change? Fortunately for those who feel that way, there are subtle ways of enhancing your natural beauty. And the best part is, no one has to know! BOTOX® Think Botox just gives you a frozen face? Think again! Cosmetic surgeons are more skilled than ever when it comes to injecting Botox to make subtle facial changes, such as: Eye enlarging: Botox can be used in the eye muscles in order to make the eyes appear larger, and brighter! Jawline contour: A thick jaw can be corrected by strategically applying botox around the jawline to give it a softer, more defined look. Turn your frown upside down: Some people’s expression naturally rests into a frown which can cause wrinkles, or just make you look unhappy! An injection in the muscle which causes frowning can cause the lips to turn slightly upward when the face is at rest, resulting in a happier, more relaxed looking expression.…

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What Are The Different Types Of Butt Lifts?

There are actually three different procedures that are called “butt lifts” in everyday speech: traditional butt lifts, butt implants, and Brazilian butt lifts. All three will create higher and firmer buttocks, but in different ways. Traditional Butt Lift This procedure involves removing skin and some of the fat from an incision on the butt or waist, then lifting the skin from the butt with sutures. This smoothes out wrinkles, tightens the skin, and pulls fat up towards the butt. The result is a natural-looking, tight bum where the skin and fat layers hug each other and expose the sexy muscle beneath. This is a good option if you have sagging skin, have recently lost weight, or generally want to improve the contour of your bottom. It will leave a scar within or at the underwear line, but it is relatively safe as it is even less intrusive than a tummy tuck. Butt Implant A much bolder procedure is the butt implant, where a silicone implant is inserted either underneath the fatty layer or muscle layer, adding volume to the butt. This not only makes the butt bigger, but also rounder, smoother, and fuller, as the added volume fills up the skin. Butt implants, due to their deep placement, are almost…

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