Does A Tummy Tuck Surgery Affect Menstrual Cycle?

Removing unwanted body fat is one of the most common reasons people seek aesthetic treatments. The tummy tuck has become one of the most popular treatment procedures for men and women looking to lose the impossible to lose lower tummy roll. For women, there are unique concerns that they should be aware of. Many of them wonder if a tummy tuck surgery will affect their menstrual cycle. Understanding the procedure and its effects on your body will help you determine the best approach and maximize your results. Understanding the Tummy Tuck The tummy tuck is also known as an abdominoplasty. It’s a procedure designed to remove excess skin and adipose tissue while helping to restore the underlying muscles to create a slim and firm body. Individuals who undergo a tummy tuck are looking to eliminate loose or sagging skin resulting from a variety of causes. The most common reasons people develop excess skin include aging, pregnancy, significant weight changes, and previous surgery. Tummy tucks provide long lasting results. However, any changes in your body composition after the procedure can affect the results you ultimately achieve. Effects on the Menstrual Cycle The tummy tuck procedure does not treat any area below the abdominals, but many women wonder if it can still…

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Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done Over A Tattoo?

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments available for removing unwanted hair. It allows men and women to treat different areas of the face and body. If you’re wondering if the procedure works over tattoos, then there are a few things you need to know before setting up your first laser hair removal treatment. What is Laser Hair Removal? The laser hair removal treatment uses a concentrated light applied to treat the hair follicles. The treatment works as the laser is absorbed by the pigment of the skin. This allows the laser to destroy the hair follicles and prevent unwanted hair growth. Laser hair removal can be used on the legs, arms, face, and bikini areas. It allows for a more precise treatment, as the laser targets dark coarse hairs without affecting the surrounding areas. It’s ideal for treating small areas that are difficult to address with other hair removal systems. Most people choose laser hair removal as an alternative to inconvenient shaving, tweezing, and waxing methods. As a result, the use of laser hair treatment to remove unwanted body hair continues to grow in popularity. Treating tattoos If you’re looking to treat an area with a tattoo, there are a few things you need to consider…

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