Can You Fix Torn Earlobes?

Torn earlobes are a surprisingly common injury. While most people think of earrings as something benign or harmless, wearing too heavy of earrings can stretch out and even completely tear the pierced area of your ears, leaving them looking unsightly and unprofessional. Loose earrings can also be caught on clothing or various other fabrics, causing an extremely painful tear in your ear. Gauges designed to stretch out your ears creating sometimes gigantic loops that may seem like a good idea in your rebellious youth, could become regrettable as your style changes and evolves over the years.   What Can Be Done? Luckily, Dr. Sammy Sliwin’s has two types of procedures that can repair torn earlobes with relative ease. They are both simple procedures conducted under local anesthetic. In the traditional procedure, an incision is made and the skin from the torn areas is removed. The area is then sutured back together and the skin allowed to heal to repair the damage. The ear can then be re-pierced 6 weeks later not in the original scar. Dr. Sliwin also does a unique procedure to repair the hole. Part of the scar is made into a flap that is then used to reconstruct the earring hole at the top of the previous…

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Butt Lift

A butt lift is a procedure for someone who would like to augment their buttocks to make it firmer and tighter. Perhaps you haven’t gotten the results you’d like from exercise or time has simply aged you as it inevitably will. If either of those are the case, a butt lift may be a simple and effective option for you. Dr. Sammy Sliwin offers two types of butt lift procedures: The first is the traditional but lift where a small incision is made and the skin is pulled tighter around the buttocks to clear up any loose skin, sagging, or wrinkles. The second is the Brazilian Butt Lift in which fat from other parts of your body is removed via liposuction and injected into the buttocks giving it a tighter, shapelier appearance. While both types of butt lift are well established and effective procedures, getting the best results possible is not your doctor’s responsibility alone; patients have to do what they can to ensure their recovery and results go as expected. Here are three tips to follow in order to get the maximum results from your butt lift procedure. Exercise Exercise can be key to taking that firm, tight buttocks you desire to the next level. Walking is the first…

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