Three Options to Define Your Eyes

If it’s indeed true that your eyes are the windows to your soul, then you might as well ensure that they’re as spectacular as they can be! Fortunately for you, there are various options to define your eyes, and a plastic surgeon will be able to help you mull over the choices available to you and to recommend which would work best. Read on for three options to define your eyes so that your ‘windows’ will look their best. Eyelid surgery Otherwise known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a procedure designed to bolster the way the eyelids look. It’s definitely an option to consider for any patient looking to improve or update their appearance. When you go for a consultation, your plastic surgeon can will discuss the benefits of performing blepharoplasty on your upper eyelids or lower eye lids, depending on your aesthetic goals. You’ll know you’re a good candidate for this sort of surgery if you can personally relate to any of the following: Loose or hanging skin that makes folds or that adversely impacts the normal contours of your upper eyelids Too much fatty deposits that make your eyelids look puffy Bags beneath your eyes Drooping lower eyelids that show white beneath the iris Too much skin and…

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Do Facial Implants Look Natural on Men?

Many men and women inquire about facial implants on a daily basis. These implants can greatly enhance a person’s appearance when they’re done with precision by a skilled surgeon. The implants can go in different areas of the face to help create shape and a more structured, chiseled appearance. While it may be more common for women to get such implants, men are also great candidates for facial implants. Cheek, jaw and chin implants are the three major implants that people get when they consider facial implants. It depends on how you would like your face to be reconstructed or rejuvenated. Your surgeon will help you with these decisions. After giving you a thorough examination and hearing what it is you would like to achieve, they will be able to determine what facial implants will work best for achieving your desired look. Facial Implants for Men It is a huge misconception that men won’t look right with facial implants. Implants can be cut to any shape or size, making it so they look natural on any face shape. They are customized for your specific facial frame, so whether you’re looking to enhance your chin, create a stronger jaw line, or correct an imbalance in symmetry, you’re able to achieve your…

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