When Do You Need Dermabrasion?

There are a number of options available to rejuvenate your skin. Each one has its own unique benefits to treat a variety of issues and concerns. Dermabrasion is a powerful way to remove the skin’s superficial layers and stimulate the growth of new and healthy skin. But is dermabrasion right for you? Knowing when you can benefit from dermabrasion is the first step in undergoing the process. You’ll be able to choose the right procedure to achieve the results you want. What is Dermabrasion? Dermabrasion works through the use of a diamond wheel or brush. Also called a fraise or burr, the device helps to eliminate the top-most layer of your skin. As the brush rotates, this layer of skin is abraded. This is followed by a healing phase in which new skin replaces the layer that has been damaged through the process. Your doctor can alter the level of resurfacing by using a variety of brushes that are selected to meet your needs. Factors such as skin condition and facial features will also affect how dermabrasion is applied. Local anaesthesia is often used to eliminate any discomfort. Deeper treatments can be applied through the use of a cryogenic spray in place of anaesthesia or ice packs. Reasons for Dermabrasion…

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Can My Rhinoplasty Results be Predicted?

Every day patients get amazing results from rhinoplasty surgery. Your doctor is your best guide in knowing how to prepare before, during, and after your surgery in order to achieve the enhancements your looking for and speed up the recovery process. Most patients enter the process with a clear idea of what type of results they’re after, but can you predict the results of your rhinoplasty? There are ways to get an idea of the look you might achieve, however predicting your results isn’t as simple as you might expect. Understanding the Procedure Rhinoplasty is a procedure commonly used to reconstruct the aesthetics and function of the nose. It is used in cases of trauma, breathing difficulties, developmental defects, or to correct a previous rhinoplasty procedure. Many people turn to rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons. Reshaping the nose can have a dramatic effect on symmetry and balance of facial features. There are a number of ways to perform the procedure. For example, an open rhinoplasty involves a small incision to the end of the nose’s septum (columella). A closed rhinoplasty is performed by creating an incision within the nose, without cutting the columella. Technological advancements have allowed for the use of imaging with computers to provide patients with visualization of the…

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