Where Can You Get Implants in Your Face?

There are many ways in which cosmetic surgery can be used to change the shape of your face and facial implants are a popular option for their ability to add symmetry and achieve a better balance in one’s features. Implants can be made from synthetic materials, such as silicone, or from tissue harvested from your own body, and can be used to correct a number of aesthetic concerns including: Disproportionately small chins Flat or sunken cheeks Asymmetry of facial features Poor definition of facial features Poorly defined facial contours Many patients find that correcting these issues can lead to greatly improved self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as greater success in both professional and personal aspects of their lives. Chin implants The chin plays a key role in your facial profile, making it a common choice for facial implants. These implants can create a better profile and improve the overall balance and structure of the face, helping both men and women feel more attractive. By strengthening the jawline, chin implants can lessen the effects of aging, minimize the impact of a large nose, and achieve greater symmetry and balance in overall facial profile. These implants are typically made of silastic, a reliable and inexpensive material that is both easy to place…

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How often do I have to get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a popular procedure because it’s a safe and virtually painless method for removing unwanted body hair. Highly effective, most patients experience a permanent reduction in hair growth after only a few treatments. This procedure is most effective during the growth phase of the hair follicle. Because hair follicles move between resting and growth phases, more than one treatment will usually be required in order to affect all of the follicles in a given area. The resting follicles will not be affected by the treatment and patients will have to return in order to target the now-active hair follicles. Patients do not need to wait for hair to grow in before their next session, as follicles will be active long before hair begins to show. However, it is not recommended to undergo laser hair removal treatments too frequently in the same area. The frequency of treatments – and often the number of total treatments required – will depend greatly on the area of your body and the growth rate of your hair. Most patients will find that the face can typically be treated every four weeks, while other parts of the body may require treatment only every six or eight weeks. The average patient will require somewhere…

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How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants are an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery, and are one of the most common procedures performed in both North America and around the world. Saline or silicone implants are used to increase the size of the breasts and help improve a woman’s self-esteem, letting her feel sexier with a more flattering, proportionate figure. Silicone implants More solid than previous offerings, silicone rubber shells filled with silicone gel offer a tighter molecular bonding which prevents rippling and provides a more natural tactile sensation. With many sizes and projections available, they can be easily tailored to each patient for a flattering and natural looking enhancement. These implants tend to maintain their shape better than implants with liquid fills, and some studies have indicated that the appearance of scar tissue is less common with this type of implant. Because silicone gel is inert, it will not be absorbed into the body even in the case of failure and there are no signs or symptoms. The breast will look and feel the same following failure as it did before. This is because silicone gel implants do not rupture the same way that liquid silicone implants can. When these implants rupture, the liquid inside can leak into the fibrous capsule around the…

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Should I Choose Traditional Liposuction or Laser Tight Lipos...

Liposuction is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure, as it allows for the removal of stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. It can be used on many areas of the body including the face, arms, chest, legs, flanks, back, and buttocks and is a minimally invasive procedure. Because liposuction only removes the fat and does not treat the skin, many patients decide to combine the procedure with a more invasive Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure. This is a great way to get rid of sagging pockets of skin which may be left behind once you have a trimmer, more fit body, but with longer recovery times, it’s not always a suitable option for every patient. Luckily, there is a new option available for those who desire the skin-tightening effects with the surgery. What is Laser Tight Liposuction? Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that both removes fat and tightens skin to leave you noticeably trimmer and tighter in just one treatment. Using the heat of the laser, the procedure melts body fat and increases the production of collagen which naturally tightens the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance. For those seeking to trim off a bit more fat, laser tight liposuction combines…

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