How to Prepare for Botox

Botox procedures are simple, safe, and easy, especially when compared to more invasive procedures that require you to go under the knife. While you don’t need to worry about any serious preparations like you do with cosmetic surgeries, there are still some steps you can take to maximize your results and minimize unwanted side effects. Follow these simple tips to prepare for your Botox procedure: Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and Vitamin E Some people experience minor bruising around the injection site after receiving Botox. Medications and supplements that thin the blood like aspirin may increase the risk of bruising, so it is a good idea to avoid taking any for a couple days before your appointment. Take acetaminophen instead Since there…

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Are Dermabrasions Painful?

A common concern that people have about getting dermabrasion treatment is that it will be painful. The short answer to their concern is no, this procedure is not a painful one. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. The best way to have a positive experience with dermabrasions (or any treatment for that matter) is to fully understand what the procedure is and how it will affect you. When you know what to expect, you won’t have to worry about anxiety or fears of pain. Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses a tool with high-speed rotating wheel to remove the top layer of skin. This removes any damaged skin or scar material, so that the skin’s appearance will…

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How do Nose Jobs not Leave Scars?

Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, are one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, and there are several reasons for its popularity. Nose reshaping can address several issues with the nose, both in appearance and in function. If it is disproportionally large or small in comparison to the rest of your face, or if it is crooked or misshapen, nose reshaping can help a lot. This procedure can also correct deviated septums, which can cause breathing or snoring problems. But perhaps the most important factor in rhinoplasty’s popularity is that your nose is literally the centre of your face! If you are not happy with the appearance of your nose, unlike other body parts, it’s not something that you…

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6 Skin Care Products Doctors Recommend

There are so many skin care products on the market, it can be frustrating trying to narrow the options down to one that is going to be compatible with your skin. Sifting through the marketing and hype to find the products that really work for your own needs is difficult, so we’ve tracked down six of the best products that have been tested and recommended by doctors. Alyria Resurfacing Body Care The time-released glycolic acid in this moisturizing lotion helps your skin cells’ natural process of sloughing off dead cells and regenerating new ones. Studies showed the product’s results will give you delightfully smooth skin as rough patches heal and calluses soften. It can be used all over the body…

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