Face Lifts vs. Injectables: When Should You Choose Permanent...

With so many injectables and wrinkle smoothing solutions on the market these days, it may come as a shock that surgical face lifts are not only still popular, but actually continue to increase in popularity. Recent studies have even shown that non-invasive laser treatments can be effective methods of preventing the appearance of aging.

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Will I Have to Change my Implants Over Time?

How long your implants will last depends greatly on the type of implants you choose, how big they are, the skill of your surgeon, and the procedure used. Most implants carry a lifetime warranty and will not cost the patient anything to replace if replacement is necessary. Patients opting to change or replace implants on their own terms will have to pay the full cost of replacement.

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What is the Difference between Liposuction and Lasertight Li...

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is removed from the body. The aim of the procedure is to reshape specific areas, remove excess fat deposits, and improve body contours and proportions. It’s suitable for healthy individuals with firm, elastic skin who are within 30% of their ideal body weight but suffer from disproportionate fat deposits. The procedure involves a small incision through which the treatment area is infused with a saline solution mixed with pain medication. This reduces pain and bleeding during the procedure. Next, the cannula is inserted to loosen the fat surrounding the treatment area. Finally, the dislodged fat is suctioned out. This procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anesthetic as an out-patient procedure. Recovery time is anywhere from a few days to two weeks depending on the extent of the procedure to get back to most daily routines. You will normally be totally recovered including the bruising by six weeks, and it can be used on the face, legs, chest, flanks, back, arms, or buttocks for great results. For safety reasons, liposuction alone should not remove more than five litres of fat, which is about 5 pounds. These large volume liposuction can be dangerous and patients must be admitted to the…

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Getting back to the Gym: How Long Should you wait to Work Ou...

Getting back into the habit of exercising regularly following a cosmetic surgical procedure is an important step in maintaining your results, but it’s important not to push it too fast. Depending on the surgery you have undergone, recovery times will vary and it’s imperative that you follow the instructions of your surgeon, regardless of any guides or tips you find online. This is meant to be a rough guide for planning purposes only, not to replace the very important post-surgery instructions of your doctor!

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4 Ways to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but many mothers find that they don’t like the changes it causes to their body, especially in the abdominal region. Fighting the exhaustion of recovery, taking care of their new baby and not getting a proper night’s sleep – it can be hard to put the time and effort into exercising enough to lose any extra pounds that were put on during pregnancy. Even when they find the time, some physical changes cannot be undone through exercise alone, and many women end up opting for cosmetic treatments to make themselves feel young, sexy, and womanly again. Depending on the extent of the changes that occurred, there are several cosmetic treatment options that can help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

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